Top 10 Shoes For College Basketball

These days, there are a number of different brands and designs of basketball shoes that are on the market. After all, basketball shoes are an important aspect of one’s game; they keep the player’s traction while on the court to prevent him from sliding wile also providing him with the comfort and support that is needed to have the best chances of success during a game. Some of the more common brands of basketball shoes on the market these days include Nike, Adidas, and And Continue Reading »

Top Five Rivals In College Basketball

Louisville vs. Kentucky- This is a classic rivalry that often shows us just how great basketball is played. Those who watch this game every year are bound to be in for a treat. The two teams are among the best in basketball.

Duke vs. North Carolina- Another two great basketball teams that are located within the same state as each other. This is another classic matchup that is bound to have fans on both sides hoping that the other team is going to make a slip up. Continue Reading »

College Athletes Discuss The Consequences Of Drug Addiction

There has been a growing trend in college sports lately of high-profile athletes being arrested or suspended from school for abusing illegal drugs. Some of these athletes have shown sincere remorse after the fact and are starting to speak out about the bad decisions that led them to use drugs in the first place. If these athletes will also share with prospective student athletes the consequences associated with their poor decision, chances are good that this troubling trend will reverse it’s course.

When a college athlete is suspended for abusing drugs, they are not only costing themselves Continue Reading »

BCS Adopts Four-Team Playoff System

College football will finally have the playoff system that so many fans around the country have been longing for. BCS officials reached a consensus to have a four-team, seeded tournament beginning in the 2014 season. Here are the logistics:

The No. 1 seed will play the No. 4 seed, the No. 2 seed will play the No.3 seed, and the winners of those games will play for the national championship.
The playoff will feature the four top teams, regardless of whether they won their conference.
The teams will be chosen by a selection committee in lieu of computer calculations.
The semifinal games will be played in pre-existing bowls (most likely the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar).
The national championship game will be awarded to the highest bidding city.

As a fan of college football, I absolutely loathe the idea of using a computer formula to determine a national champion. While I think an eight-team playoff is the ideal number for a playoff, this four-team format is a good start.

However, the NFL still reigns supreme as the more exciting game in my eyes. The other day, I was perusing through the 2012-2013 NFL Schedule – available to view at – and literally started drooling at some of the matchups:

Cowboys at Giants on NBC to kick off the season
Patriots at Ravens on Sunday Night Football in Week 3
Lions at Bears on Monday Night Football in Week 7

The list goes on

Football Sundays will always be first on my list before football Saturdays – at least until 2014.

Five Ways To Improve Your Tennis Performance

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball – It sounds extremely elementary, yet it is often a reason players of all levels mishit shots. Taking your eyes off the ball even for a split second makes a mishit more likely. Watch the ball the entire way to the racket. See the ball actually hit the strings.

Bend Your Knees – And when you think you really have them bent, bend them a little more. Players are never as low Continue Reading »

Girls Basketball and Crazy Technical Fouls

Girls basketball continues to grow and it seems like the popularity will not stop anytime soon. However, people are still wondering if the game is becoming as physical as the men. Though it will never be just like men’s basketball, it is still a very fun sport to watch. Amazing players like Lisa Leslie and Diana Taurasi have been able to make a name for themselves in the WNBA and this is because of skill and determination. The nice thing about the WNBA is that it is finally Continue Reading »

Tips Before Signing A Professional Baseball Contract

When the month of June rolls around there is a baseball draft usually held in some auditorium where various players who have been scouted, sometimes for years, hope to be drafted by a major league team and perhaps, reach that final gold nugget of playing in the major leagues and becoming a star. Most wannabes already have been contacted by a so called “advisor” while still in college who might be sitting next to the player watching the proceedings of the draft. The “advisor” is really an agent but because of the rules, can’t use Continue Reading »

The Perfect Diet For Cross Country Running Training

Cross country running is a grueling sport that requires strength and stamina. Those who compete in cross country running, must run races on a variety of terrains on a predetermined course. Finding the perfect diet will enable cross country runners to train longer and harder before each competition.

Water is an essential part of cross country running training. The body must have 60 percent water to function at its best. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after training will replenish important nutrients lost during this strenuous sport and keep your body properly hydrated. Athletes who Continue Reading »

Five Ways To Obtain A Competitive Athletic Scholarship

In fact college athletic scholarships might be hard to explore and even harder to get. Merely certain schools present scholarships however, there are some methods you can boost yourself on top of the rest. •Ä÷ You will necessitate putting together a portfolio of not simply athletic achievement but also academic accomplishment. •Ä÷ When we discuss about the athletic scholarships,, it is necessary that you must take part in your high school sports squad. Colleges are all the time looking for gifted athletes to enhance their ranks, as well as college talent scouts frequently scour high school sport fields for their subsequent quarterback or footpath and field star.Additional information can be found at •Ä÷ The majority high school coaches generally have numerous contacts in local colleges for Sports scholarships moreover, can assist you get into a team offered you carry out well enough. •Ä÷ The most excellent way to target the smaller athletic schools is to get in touch with the coaches directly. If you are a student athlete, you require marketing and sponsoring yourself and make certain that they know about your background and your athletic achievements. •Ä÷ You should struggle to your best as it is a very to get a scholarship including sending information about you using some video clips that shows your previous matches and performances. Generally if an individual practices the above tips, he/ she will have a greater chance to get the scholarships in one of the athletics colleges.