Tips Before Signing A Professional Baseball Contract

When the month of June rolls around there is a baseball draft usually held in some auditorium where various players who have been scouted, sometimes for years, hope to be drafted by a major league team and perhaps, reach that final gold nugget of playing in the major leagues and becoming a star. Most wannabes already have been contacted by a so called “advisor” while still in college who might be sitting next to the player watching the proceedings of the draft. The “advisor” is really an agent but because of the rules, can’t use that term while the player is in school.

If you’re good enough where baseball scouts have been following you around like ants at a lakeside picnic, it’s wise to hire an agent to negotiate your future players contract. While you stand in the background, your agent can possibly arrange a nice upfront bonus and insure you’re sent out to a single or double A farm team while you learn how the game is played at a professional level. Agents also know baseball contracts, you don’t. Agents usually receive from 3 to 6 of your salary but the advice they offer is well worth the fee.
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